This is what I Trip over.

Know what you believe in,
Live what you believe in,
Share what you believe in,

My name is Brandon, I am a graphic design student at PTI. I love photography and I do it in my free time. What you see on here is what I am, what I think about.
I am a man of great faith, that does not mean I am perfect by any means. I am straight edge. But that doesn't mean that I don't know how to have fun =). message me if u want because I'm always looking to make new friends.

Cutting out business cards at midnight #designstudent #collegelife (Taken with Instagram at FedEx Office Print & Ship Center)

She is all mine!!! =D (Taken with Instagram)

#Poker night (Taken with Instagram at Pittsburgh Technical Institute)

That’s what I call #talent. #boredom #class #lecture #collegelife (Taken with Instagram at Pittsburgh Technical Institute)

There’s only one way to get there. #heaven #God #photography (Taken with Instagram)

Pride on Flickr.

One Way on Flickr.

One Way

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